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Covid Eternal Flame Memorial Campaign

We Heal When We Remember

May Their Memory be a Comfort

Under Development - Seeking Funding


To honor those who have died due to Covid and memorialize the deaths of Americans due to the Corona Virus.

"Covid Eternal Flame Memorial"

Our "Covid Eternal Flame Memorial" will be a virtual remembrance for all those who have passed due to the virus.


We envision a special "Covid Eternal Flame Memorial" to remember Native American and Indigenous People.


We Mourn Together

So No One Has To Mourn Alone

We Mourn Together creates virtual space for social connectedness and expands the realm of remembrance

Life Remembrance Videos

Gather to Remember

Virtual Memorial Vault

We Share Meetings

We Listen Helpline

Valor Videos

Covid Eternal Flame Memorial

Bedside Attendance

Life's Reflections Videos

We Celebrate Together

We Mourn Together provides a new paradigm of Comfort Care by creating virtual space for expanding the realm of remembrance of our dearly departed loved ones, and for social connectedness to community.


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