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We Mourn Together creates virtual space for social connectedness and expands the realm of remembrance

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We Mourn Together provides a new paradigm of Comfort Care by creating virtual space for expanding the realm of remembrance of our dearly departed loved ones, and for social connectedness to community.



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December 23, 2020

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We Mourn Together creates space for virtual visits and connectedness to community.


Life Remembrance Videos

Gather to Remember

Virtual Memorial Vault

We Share Meetings

We Listen Hotline

Bedside Attendance

WMT is for all loss, grief, mourning, bereavement, loneliness and isolation, not just the sadness, sorrow and suffering experienced while attending the end of life. WMT is a grand vision of many ways to help people, and specifically provides essential attendance primarily focused on attending to people with their end of life concerns of dying, death and remembrance.

WMT creates access to AP Listeners and Moderators embedded in virtual space in multiple platforms in which to engage and be heard. Access to services matters. Free of charge We Share Meetings and We Listen Hotline services are accessible to all people. WMT is a portal for effective networking of professionals with people in need, and as a referral source to existing service resources.

Creating virtual space for supportive mental health services is serving the intergenerational needs of all of our communities at large. We must begin to set new standards and practices in place to properly honor and remember our fellow humans. Gather to Remember and Virtual Vault Memorial services will help lead the way into the future of new standards of practices at the end of life and posthumous remembrances. We Share Meetings create space that fosters productive dialogue, are engaging and bring diverse people together in fellowship.

WMT is a virtual business, with equal opportunities for all workforce regardless of geographic location or physical abilities. Virtual workforce requirements means individuals now have more opportunity and access to meaningful and lucrative online work product assignments and tasks. Building a new business in a new world order of virtual space, the concept of a 15-30 hour work week commitment came to mind, along with the need for job title redundancy (in case of sudden sick leave and life changes). Many people want to reach out and help others, as volunteers and the employment workforce.

Seward Johnson and my grandfather Lloyd Wescott joined in partnership to break ground in the farmland of Hunterdon County, New Jersey and pioneer satellite medicine by founding the Hunterdon Medical Center in 1946, which opened in 1953. I grew up hearing my grandfather Lloyd tell the story of working with Seward Johnson to match the money raised by the community to build a hospital in a rural area. Lloyd would tell how he went around to the local farmers asking for contributions to the hospital. He told how the farmer lady went to her mattress and pulled out money to donate to the cause of helping her community by building a hospital. Caring for our own body, mind and spirit, and having a care about the wellbeing of others, is a common thread of concern for most people. Like the patchwork quilt of the hardworking farmer lady, a myriad of options exist of ways to care for, and about, ourselves and others. Access is the key to equity in creating a culture of health in communities.

The Hunterdon Medical Center recently hired five people to provide Comfort Care by virtually connecting patients in the hospital with their family, as part of a Plan of Care. Hospitals will likely continue to limit patient visitations. The future will hold more virtual visits between hospital patients and their loved ones. Our feelings of personhood as a human exists through our connections to others. Bedside Attendance providing Comfort Care can be free, and also based on a fees-for-service model. We are collectively known as humankind, and we can’t survive without kindness. Life stories matter.

The recent news from CDC identifies a “tsunami” of mental illness, with unprecedented ER visits in all demographics; especially teens and children. Mental illness is most often not diagnosed until the later stages, and prevention relies on early intervention. Tele-health must expand to include “non-medical” talk therapy alternatives like share meetings and hotlines; free 24/7 access to talking and sharing type connections to others. Deep listening is a skill, and compassion and empathy can be taught, and sincere sympathy can help heal.

Tele-Health is not new, and it’s here to stay. Body, Mind and Spirit is the holistic approach to health and wellness. Like nonmedical homecare services CNA’s and HHAs, we must immediately train, support and make ready a workforce of “Certified Peer Specialist” to listen and be available to assist with expanding Bedside Comfort Care and no-cost talk therapy options and programs(listening rooms). A listening ear and a virtual shoulder to cry on. Our personhood is at stake. WMT comes from a position of sympathy and compassion, creating space for the loving quality of the listening room, and a new way to remember our lost loved ones.

Privilege provides access. We must bridge the digital divides and create equitable accessibility to telecommunications and the cloud (including personal equipment needs), which requires realigning our priorities to be more inclusive. Online access to insurance-paid mental health services is growing, however free services are limited. WMT creates space to equal opportunity access to mental health resources that may improve a person's health; unavailable to many in the past. We Share Meetings launched in April 2020 (6 mtgs/wk); total of 222 meetings (as of 12/22) have been conducted, with regular attendees.

Death and remembrance are part of our human life story. Creating space to remember and memorialize our dearly departed is essential to honoring our collective pain of loss, grief and mourning. WMT’s committed listening, space for virtual visits, and networking capabilities will bring meaningful employment and much needed services to help our fellow humans. Our future generations depend on us to right now pay proper respect to our dying and dead. Technology and innovation can help us better honor and remember our life stories and dearly departed. WMT envisions a “Covid Eternal Flame” memorial.

Opportunity is a privilege, and the gaps and gulfs of equal access creates disparity in socioeconomic conditions. Building a town or a city first relies on infrastructure of roads. We must focus on building, for all people, digital pathways to access the cloud. Creating and providing access to technology and the cloud will be one of the most important priorities as we move forward in the next few decades.

For eight years I was owner of a nonmedical homecare agency, a 24/7 business with a paraprofessional workforce. WMT is a hub and portal to network, and will develop, train and employ an army of active “Certified Peer Specialist” as Advanced Placement Listeners and Essential Attendants. WMT est. March 25, 2020 - Self Care First. No Rush. No Hurry.

I think I now know how my grandfather must have felt, standing out in the cow pasture envisioning a new future for providing healthcare services to an under-served community. WMT is a global concept and a 24/7 business model; the sister concept is We Celebrate Together. 

Basic Needs Startup Ops Budget for three months is the purpose of this application. Fundraising is the top priority; funding for specific WMT project elements will be sought, i.e. Hotline. WMT needs Corporate Sponsorship level of support and executive oversight to recruit the best professionals to get this business off the ground. Funding makes it possible to bring technology and people together.

Written by: JJ Ellsworth - WMT Founder and Director of Operations

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