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Bedside Attendance and Ministry


We Mourn Together is Developing a Cadre of Clergy to Serve the IMMEDIATE NEED for Bedside Attendance and Ministry. Please Join Our Efforts to Build Community and Fellowship to Serve the Bedside Needs of Those Who are Suffering Alone.


Bedside Attendance and Ministry is an inter-faith effort to use technology to connect loved ones at the end of life. Our “Call to Clergy” is a call to action to the ministry and religious to go to the bedside of the sick and dying. We are calling the ministry to act as Essential Attendants and bring clergy to minister and attend to the dying in hospitals, ICUs, hospice, retirement communities and in-home care environments. Technology can bring loved ones and family to the bedside of the dying


Gather to Remember Dedicated Time To Mourn


Gather to Remember Dedicated Time to Mourn provides three-day 24/7 virtual responsiveness to the mourner, and a profile presence that allows for others (family/friends) to mourn the loss of a loved one, and help the mourner move toward healing. Dedicated Time to Mourn delivers clergy and ministry via virtual and telephonic connectedness, and provides a way for volunteers and professionals  to help and support mourners. 


Virtual Memorial Vault


Virtual headstones, and memorial walls and halls will be available in the cloud. Our future holds web-based memorials and Ethernet cemeteries and mausoleums.​

Help Us Help Others

We Mourn Together  creates space for virtual connectedness to community. We have a grand vision of many ways to help people, and specifically providing essential  attendance at the end of life. We Mourn Together is primarily focused on attending to people with their end of life concerns of dying and death.

We Mourn Together provides 24/7 virtual responsiveness, and provides a networked way for volunteers and professionals to help and support those who have suffered a loss.


  • A Virtual Meeting Place

  • Inclusive, Non-denominational and Interfaith

  • Help and Support for Grief, Mourning, Bereavement, Loneliness, Isolation, Sorrow, Anger and Sadness


  • Volunteers and Professionals - Help and Support Mourning

  • Mourners - Remembering Loved Ones - Three-day, 24/7 Access to Dedicated Time to Mourn Community

  • Bedside Attendance and Ministry

  • Virtual Memorial Vault - Remembrance of Dearly Departed Loved  Ones

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