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We Mourn Together creates virtual space for social connectedness and expands the realm of remembrance

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We Mourn Together provides a new paradigm of Comfort Care by creating virtual space for expanding the realm of remembrance of our dearly departed loved ones, and for social connectedness to community.

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Bedside Attendance


Bedside Attendance is Essential. Telecommunication connection provides patients and their loved ones the Comfort Care they need, and relieves and undburdens medical professionals. We are building a workforce of Essential Attendants in order to bring virtual visits to the ill and dying in hospitals, ICUs, hospice, retirement communities and in-home care environments. 


Bedside Attendance is a secular effort to use technology to connect loved ones who are critically ill and at the end of life. Technology together with a workforce of Essential Attendants  can bring loved ones and family to the bedside of the critically ill and dying.


We Mourn Together is Developing a Cadre of Clergy to Serve the IMMEDIATE NEED for Bedside Attendance to serve the bedside Comfort Care needs of those who are suffering alone. Our “Call to Clergy” is a call to action to the ministry, religious and lay people to go to the bedside of the sick and dying. 


Gather to Remember


Gather to Remember is Dedicated Time to Mourn and provides three-day 24/7 virtual responsiveness to the mourner, and a profile presence that allows for others (family/friends) to mourn the loss of a loved one, and help the mourner move toward healing. Gather to Remember provides contacting the attendees, moderator and tech support for meetings, photo and digital assets management, video/multimedia production and recording of event(s), and network to clergy and ministry (as needed).


Virtual Memorial Vault


Virtual headstones, and memorial walls and halls will be available in the cloud. Our future holds web-based memorials and Ethernet cemeteries and mausoleums.​

Help Us Help Others

We Mourn Together  creates space for virtual visits and connectedness to community. We have a grand vision of many ways to help people, and specifically providing essential attendance at the end of life. We Mourn Together is primarily focused on attending to people with their end of life concerns of dying and death.

We Mourn Together (will) provides 24/7 virtual responsiveness, and provides a networked way for volunteers and professionals to help and support those who have suffered a loss.


  • A Virtual Meeting Place

  • Inclusive, Non-denominational and Interfaith

  • Help and Support for Grief, Mourning, Bereavement, Loneliness, Isolation, Sorrow, Anger and Sadness


  • Volunteers and Professionals - Help and Support Mourning

  • Mourners - Remembering Loved Ones - Three-day, 24/7 Access to Gather to Remember Dedicated Time to Mourn Community

  • Bedside Attendance and Ministry

  • Virtual Memorial Vault - Remembrance of Dearly Departed Loved  Ones

We Mourn Together/Frog Pond Productions’s Policy on Non-Discrimination

Frog Pond Productions, and all programs and projects of Frog Pond Productions, do not promote or discriminate against any person, population group, or organization with regard to categories protected by applicable United States law, as well as other categories identified by Frog Pond Productions in alignment with our own Human Resources policies. These include, but are not limited to race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender expression, physical appearance, language, education background, national origin, age, disability, and veteran status. This relates to both provision of services and hiring practices. No person(s) may be denied service and/or employment based on any of the categories noted above.


Frog Pond Productions will not support any organization which requires adherence or conversion to any religious doctrine in order to either be a beneficiary of the program or to be an employee of the organization. A direct service program run by a faith-based Organization may be eligible, provided that the program’s beneficiaries are not required to adhere to or convert to that Organization’s religious doctrine as a condition of receiving service from the program, and Frog Pond Productions will not support any organization that requires adherence or conversion to any religious doctrine in order to be an employee of the program.

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