Valor Videos Campaign

We Mourn Together is launching a new Campaign called Valor Videos. We are excited to announce a new way to help people during this Covid pandemic. 

Help us with our new Valor Videos Campaign to honor and pay tribute to our fallen first responder heroes such as firefighters, police officers and other emergency responders and frontline workers.

Your donation to our Valor Videos Campaign allows us to help their families and friends remember their lost loved heros with the gift of a Life Remembrance Video.

We Mourn Together Life Remembrance Videos will be produced to honor our front line workers who have lost their lives due to Covid.


Valor Videos will be produced to honor and remember our heroes and given to their grieving families as a gift.

We Mourn Together works with clients to record families and friends sharing fond memories, including photos, and other available records to produce a moving tribute.

Life Remembrance Videos from We Mourn Together help honor, pay tribute and memorialize lost loved ones.


Your donation makes it possible to create Valor Life Remembrance Videos, a priceless gift to the family and friends of our lost heroes that lasts forever.

We Mourn Together works with clients to produce a video tribute which is given to the families of lost heroes.

Our Essential Attendants personally help families to produce a life remembrance that honors and pays tribute to a lost loved one, and helps heal the families who are left behind.

A Life Remembrance Video is a priceless forever gift.

We Heal When We Remember

Here's How it Works:

1) create relationship contact with family

2) determine who will be involved

3) acquire digital assets

4) arrange to record family remembrances.

5) record zoom video testimonials and remembrances

6) edit the video

7) submit draft of video for final approval by the family

8) complete video and deliver the video as a gift to the family

Valor Life Remembrance Videos

are produced as Gold Life Remembrance Videos

Gold Life Remembrance Video

+ includes Bronze Video which is a photo slide show format video remembrance (finished Bronze video contains less than total of 30 digital assets, and less than 5 minutes)

+ Video includes recorded segments of up to 6 people

--- finished video is less than 30 minute

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